ONE TO WATCH: The Soul Diaries


Radio show The Soul Diaries is our One To Watch.

The Soul Diaries – an alternative Soul radio show on Westside 89.6FM – has been steadily gaining momentum since the first episode a couple of months ago. Providing alternative soul, hip hop, break beat and jazz squeezed into two wonderful hours of listening, TSD presenter Nikita Chauhan has really got an ear for music everyone needs to tap in to.

When we spoke to Nikita, she explained the reason behind creating the show:

“I love the raw emotion you can feel and hear in soul music, and how it’s relatable to moods. It’s something that I find is missing in the commercial music you hear today. The Soul Diaries is about the bringing together of soul, jazz, funk and even hip-hop… The Soul Diaries aims to bring great musicians to the forefront.”

The likes of Chill Chap (a Jersey-based producer who features on Chapters 5, 7 & 8), hip-hop duo Awon & Phoniks (in Chapters 5, 7 & 8), Tiff The Gift (6, 7 & 9), Robert Glasper and many more have featured on TSD proving how eclectic and diverse the selections are on the show.

The Soul Diaries airs at 11pm GMT, every Wednesday on Westside 89.6FM and then streamed in full via Soundcloud. Have a listen to all the episodes below.

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