The Source's 10 Favorite Hip Hop Samples Featuring The Doors

In honour of Ray Manzarek’s passing, The Source picked 10 of their favourite hip hop samples featuring The Doors.

The Doors were probably most associated with Jim Morrison’s antics and infamous musicianship, which was superbly emulated in the 1990 biopic starring Val Kilmer but Ray Manzarek and his famous organ cannot be ignored and his death on 20th sparked The Source to compile a list of 10 hip hop samples featuring the rock band. Jay-Z diss track “Takeover” gets a mention as does Snoop Dogg’s Riders On The Storm. What are some of your favourites?

If you could count samples of The Doors covers, Flying Lotus’ Tea Leaf Dancers would certainly get a look in.

Head over to The Source to read the full list.

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