VIDEO: Theo Parrish (Slices DVD Feature)


Detroit’s Theo Parrish talks about his love of crate digging in Electronic Beats’ Slices DVD magazine.

This is actually from a year ago but it’s new to us so we’ll treat it as such. Electronic Beats is a quarterly-published magazine dedicated to electronic music and as part of their Slices DVD feature, they followed Theo Parrish around a couple of Dutch record stores as he dug through some crates. His encyclopaedic production made up of funk and jazz chapters have helped him carve his way into the modern history of club music. In the video, amongst the hallowed crates, Theo gave his in-depth opinion on the importance of digging and the relationship with technology and culture. Discussions like this really help the craft and music in general. Must watch.

Stream it below, subscribe to their channel to watch more Slices features or alternatively, you can order the DVD.

(via Electronic Beats)

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