VIDEO: Beatnick Dee & Pheo – Patience

VIDEO: Beatnick Dee & Pheo - Patience

Anglo-American producer Beatnick Dee and rapper Pheo suit up for their thrilling new video.

I’m all for a balance of form and function and that’s precisely how Beatnick Dee & Pheo have described their joint album, Patience. The video for the title track pays homage to Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and those cheesy LA cop/crime duo dramas from the 60s. Expect plenty of cruising, conversations held at gunpoint and slow-mo walking.

Okay, that’s the form covered. How about the function? Pheo’s rhymes weave a wordplay tale over Beatnick Dee’s A-class production. It all comes together nicely, even if the video is kinda shorter at 3:14.

Stream it below.

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