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VIDEO: Jamiroquai Perform “Alternative Version” Of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky


Jamiroquai members Jay Kay and Paul Turner don “helmets” for a unique take on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

You’ve heard it shredded, you’ve heard it through the ages and you’ve seen Michael Jackson dancing to it. Now witness Daft Punk’s Get Lucky with some new and interesting lyrics. Jamiroquai head man Jay Kay, along with the help of bassist Paul Turner, donned some strange headgear (what looked to be a giant wine flute on Paul’s head and a champagne bucket on Jay Kay’s) and performed Get Lucky replacing the original lyrics with words about wanting Kentucky (Fried Chicken). Everything fits, oddly enough, and it left me wanting more performing and some chicken.

But anyway, stream it below. Can we get this as a single maybe?