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Wun Two – Snow Vol. 5

Wun Two – Snow Vol. 5

If you like snow and lo-fi beats, you’ll love the 5th volume of Wun Two’s Snow series. Stream it here via Bandcamp.

This time last year, I spent Valentine’s Day alone but I spent it in Leeds. It was a treat to myself and the soundtrack to that 3-day weekend was Wun Two. I’ve been a fan of his for quite some time and I was thrilled to see a new album from him this year; the 5th volume of his ‘Snow’ series.

As in the previous instalments, ‘Snow Vol. 5‘ contains a ton of 50s/60s jazz and easy listening samples, warbled to perfection with accompanied slow tempo beats by Wun Two. It’s almost like neo-easy listening if I was the kind of guy to define everything by a genre name. Instead, I’ll say it’s dope and comforted me on my short walk this Valentine’s Day in the freezing cold, during a pandemic. I guess it beats walking through Storm Dennis last year, right.

(No, it doesn’t.)

Stream it below.

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