12 Days of Early 90’s Hip Hop – Day 6

12 Days of Early 90's Hip Hop

Day 6 of 12 Days of Early 90’s Hip Hop and we haven’t moved from 1993 yet.

Here Come the Lords – Lords of The Underground (1993)
Produced by Marley Marl, K-Def and DJ Lord Jazz

The debut album from LOTUG, with the last full-length production job from Marley Marl, this album was a huge commercial and critical success in 1993. So much so, that it is difficult for me to understand why this record has not stood the test of time in terms of leaving more of an indelible imprint on Hip Hop. It could be that this record only adheres to my own personal tastes, but I do remember the album rocking Hip Hop for a short time and all the usual media outlets (Source, HHC ETC) juicing up. And it’s easy to see why.

Marley Marl gave the album a deep, fat bass throughout. And whilst not exactly adhering to G-Funk inspired Gangsta Rap of the era, it featured his signature James Brown samples and loud horns, brilliantly produced with the help of his protégé K-Def. The better tracks on the record; Chief Rocka (which was later sampled by Notorious B.I.G.), Psycho and Here Come the Lords still inspire a joy in me. And whilst there is some lyrical adherence to the gun toting bullshit, there is still enough wit and intellect to stimulate me. Being that I’m all clever and crap.

Are LOTUG the greatest MC’s to have lived? No, probably not. But when you deal in great production, a solid concept and humour, I’m buying.

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Lucia was born and raised in Manchester. At age 33 she feels that hip hop was better in her day and resents most current joints. She is current world title holder of both "Most Fudge Eaten in One Sitting" and "Breeds Best Babies on Earth" awards, but doesn't let the attention change her. She likes Prince Paul, MF Doom!, The Wu, all individual members of The Wu, people related to The Wu and anyone who may have inadvertently shared a cab with any of The Wu.

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