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b0nds - alternate route

b0nds takes an “alternate route” with his latest beat tape. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s past 3am here but this sounds particularly dope past my bedtime. Anyway, b0nds keeps it simple with this project. Great heavy drums, intriguing synth work and comical vocal samples. Cover art by j0eru. Stream it below.


SATURDAY MATINÉE: Panther (1995)

Panther is our Saturday Matinée feature presentation. Black Panthers are pretty popular in the cinemas right now but back in 1995, a movie about the BPP was released. Directed by Mario Van Peebles and based on his father’s novel and screenplay, the film chronicles the Black Panther Party. The film is notable for its strong …

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Alvie The Skywalker x Mello Marc - Cosplay

Rap amalgam Alvie The Skywalker and Mello Marc brings us the woozy “Cosplay”. I’m currently suffering with allergies so my head is feeling foggy right now. Musically, I appreciate that kind of aesthetic and that’s exactly what you get with Alvie The Skywalker and Mello Marc’s Cosplay. Described as a project “where in every costume you …

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EvillDewer - Bck On The Blk

EvillDewer opens a window into his life experiences with “Bck On The Blk.” It’s not easy to experiment, stay ahead of the curve, and maintain a fanbase. You’re never going to please everyone all the time. But EvillDewer appears to be doing a great job of juggling all three, particularly with his latest album. Bck …

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DJ Manipulator & Louie Gonz - This Sound (feat. Blu)

Mass-based duo DJ Manipulator and Louie Gonz leave us with “This Sound”, featuring some focused lyrics from Blu. We have five days to go before DJ Manipulator and Louie Gonz drop their new album, “The Loops”, the pair have offered us a sonic hors d’oeuvre in the form of “This Sound.” Manipulator chose a gorgeous …