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28 Days Of Dilla #13: Iconic Images Of Dilla


Thanks to egotripland and Brian Cross of Mochilla for the Dilla photos and the backstories.

If you’ve ever been looking for photos of Dilla, there are a select few you’ll have seen plenty of times. In fact, there are six official photos. Those photos were taken by Brian Cross, better known as B+. He spoke to egotripland about the stories behind them all. We have to warn you, it’s pretty emotional but it’s also interesting to find out what was going on at the time.

Check the excerpt below and all six photos.

Myself and Eric [Coleman of Mochilla] went to Detroit. This was around the beginning of the Jaylib [project]. The record was made more or less at that point and [Stones Throw] was waiting to do photos. So the idea was for me to go there and photograph him in such a way so that we could put photos of Otis [Madlib] opposite him and somehow get them to work together. That was the plan. But it was sketchy. We didn’t know how much time we were gonna have. [The photo shoot] had been held up quite a bit because [Dilla] had been sick. But none of us knew what he was sick with or anything.

(via egotripland [archived])

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