The Periodic Table of Jazz

Science and music combine in the form of The Periodic Table of Jazz.

The Periodic Table of Jazz
The Periodic Table of Jazz

This is such a cool and inventive idea. Designer, writer and musician David Marriott, Jr., in conjunction with Unlogic Doo, put together a periodic table of jazz. Showcasing the best of the genre from the 20s onwards, you can actually see the evolution of jazz style through the ages.

Each row roughly corresponds to each decade and there are different categories for different instruments. Of course, for special artists like Miles Davis, they get a block in each row because, you know, it’s Miles Davis.

According to David’s website, he got inspiration for the periodic table from sci-fi variants such as the Periodic Table of Sci-Fi Film and Television. Jazz is an expansive and diverse genre so narrowing down the artists to just under 120 elements was a difficult task. David said he was influenced by “innovation within jazz improvisation and style”. Interestingly, there were no trombone players in the table. And no Oscar Peterson or Tony Williams. But jazz and science know a thing or two about controversy.

Given the theme was style and innovation, it’s no surprise the table was geared towards pianists, trumpet players, and band leaders/arrangers. Drummers, bassists, and guitarists were grouped into one and took up 9 spots on the periodic table.

If you made a periodic table of jazz, who would you pick? Let us know in the comments.

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