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7 Music Biopics You’ll Never See


With Miles Davis being the latest musician to have a biopic made about him, we choose 7 music biopics Hollywood probably won’t make.

We’re in the era of the music biopic. In the past couple of decades, we’ve had the likes of Ray, Walk The Line, Notorious, Gainsbourg, I’m Not There, amongst many others to come including Don Cheadle’s Miles film and Zoe Saldana’s role in the upcoming Nina Simone biopic. But what if Hollywood threw us a curveball and made movies on less influential musicians? We decided to pick seven music biopics you’ll probably never see. Hopefully.

1. Erik King as MC Hammer in “Hammer Time”


We all know MC Hammer for his pants and “U Can’t Touch This” but what about his religious background and where the hell did those pants actually come from? Some of you may know Erik King as the no nonsense Sergeant Doakes from Dexter but he has shown examples of comedy acting in shows like Malcolm In The Middle and Burn Notice. And you’re gonna need some comedy if you’re gonna play MC Hammer in a movie with those clothes on.

2. Demi Lovato as Rebecca Black in “Black Friday”


This isn’t something we’d want to see but best believe the internet would IMPLODE if this happened. Sure, Rebecca Black hasn’t done anything to warrant a biopic on her music career (what career?) but that’s the point of this whole feature. But if someone was crazy enough to make this project, we’d probably get a backstory to Friday and discover who the hell told her she could sing. Hopefully, they’d get shot or something in the movie. Artistic licence.

3. Kevin Costner as Michael Bolton in “Soul Provider”

Something more tangible – if you can call it that. Kevin Costner would no doubt star and direct the film as that’s just what he does and it might be quite interesting. We’d no doubt get a backstory about his Russian father and see Kevin Costner with long hair and belting out numbers such as “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You“, “(Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay” and Time, Love & Tenderness. Is it weird that I want this to be a thing now?

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