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Rael da Rima – Ainda Bem Que Eu Segui as Batidas do Meu Coração

Rael da Rima’s sophomore album Ainda Bem Que Eu Segui as Batidas do Meu Coração is a fine mix of Brazilian music, reggae and hip hop.

This is unmarked territory for Sampleface in that we’re covering Brazilian hip hop for the first time. Alas, I can’t speak Portuguese but that hasn’t hindered my enjoyment of Rael da Rima’s second album Ainda Bem Que Eu Segui as Batidas do Meu Coração (in English, Good Thing I Followed The Beats Of My Heart). One of the standout aspects of this album isn’t necessarily one of its tracks or brilliant cover but how coherent the whole project is. That is in part thanks to masterful production from Beatnick & K-Salaam and Rael’s exemplary flow, both in his singing and rapping parts.

The consistent combinations of reggae and Brazilian music scattered throughout the album are something Western hip hop artists may well take note of in terms of mixing the cultures and genres up. Notable tracks include the carnival-vibe sounds of Caminho, feel good Causa e Efeito and celebratory Oya.

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