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VIDEO: 7evenThirty - Akapelah @ Deep Ellum

You know the drill when it comes to hip-hop: someone’s got to spit those tales of street life and what it means to be a gangsta.

7evenThirty - Akapelah @ Deep Ellum

Suddenly, some cat from the capital of M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I decides to take a typical gangsta – complete with all of his wits and brazen personality – dress him up in a spacesuit, strap a jet pack on him, and send him into deep space.  Yeah… not all that ‘typical’ anymore, is it?  That’s precisely the kind of vibe 7evenThirty brings to the party and the video below is a merely a teaser of a rather intriguing concept.  If you like what you hear, give the ol’ picture above a little sim sim salabin and check out the album Heaven’s Computer.

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