FINALLY! Bugseed Drops Long-Awaited Sophemore Album, Soundcraft

Bugseed - Soundcraft
From Japan, With Love & Dope Sauce

It’s been a long time coming since Bohemian Beatnik but it’s finally here.  Yes, Bugseed has launched the excellent and highly-anticipated Soundcraft via Cascade Records on 9 November and… did I mention it was excellent? Yeah. Well, I’ll say it again: it’s friggin’ excellent.

Tokyo’s own hip-hop producer says that Soundcraft is a ‘music gift’ for everyone, selecing the beats he deems special enough to go from his SoundCloud experience straight to wax.  The result is a record that will no doubt be on many Album Of The Year shortlists and will keep thousands of heads nodding straight into the new year.  I fully intend on writing a proper review of the album as I was quite fond of his first LP but be forewarned: I’ll be late for that.  Why? Because this album is just… *sighs* just press play and then buy the album already.  You need this in your life.

…yes you do.  Stop arguing with me.

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