92 Of The Most Sampled Tracks In Music History (Spotify Playlist)

A Reddit user compiled 92 of the most sampled tracks in music history thanks to WhoSampled’s extensive database.

If you love samples like us, you’ll love this. Reddit user sooryuken tried to create a Top 100 Most Sampled Tracks playlist on Spotify, sourced from the top sampled tracks on WhoSampled. Unfortunately, this is didn’t go quite to plan as Spotify didn’t have all 100 of their top sampled songs in their catalogue, hence the 92. But what does the number really matter when the most important tracks are on there: Give It Up or Turnit A Loose, Funky Drummer, Long Red, Funky Worm, Impeach the President (ahem, ahem).

You can stream 92 of the 100 tracks below.

(via Routenote)

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