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Eahwee - !Healxng_ [Side​.​A]


London producer Eahwee gives us !Healxng_ [Side.​A]

A lot of the lo-fi scene comprises of American producers but there are plenty on this side of the Atlantic. One such artist is Eahwee (pronounced errr-wee). The London beatmaker has been around for a few years but his latest tape, !Healxng_ [Side​.​A], is our focus today. A defining feature of the scene is the ability to stimulate. The samples usually come from childhood and there’s a strong sense of that !Healxng_ [Side​.​A]. The chops are sloppy and loose, the drums are minimal and scattered like seeds on furtive land. It shouldn’t work and it doesn’t in an orthodox sense of music listening but this isn’t an conventional album and emotions aren’t either. Afrofuturism is a new buzzword for many in the media after the success of Black Panther but, ironically, it’s a concept that has existed for decades. !Healxng_ [Side​.​A] slots right in with its track names, cover art, and overall atmosphere.

Stream it on Bandcamp.

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