Written by Luke Alex Davis 9:58 am Instrumental Hip Hop

Thelonious Martin – A Dozen For Dilla Vol. 4

Thelonious Martin - A Dozen For Dilla Vol. 4

The Chicago producer drops the fourth instalment from his A Dozen For Dilla series.

Firstly, happy birthday Jay Dee!

I’m sure you’ll all be listening to his tracks today and maybe even his tributes. So add this one to your list.

A Dozen For Dilla Vol. 4 offers much of the same from the other three volumes: heavy swing, heavy drums, and eclectic samples. The Dilla lilt is strong enough that you can hear the influence without palming it off as imitation. Thelonious Martin knows what he’s doing.

He even leaves some Dilla-shaped breadcrumbs on the album towards the end. But my favourite track off the album is Crying in the Night. That bounce hits different.

Stream it below.