ewonee . - Bootlegs

ewonee . - Bootlegs

ewonee . compiled a selection of show remixes and personal tracks and threw them on Bandcamp.

When I saw house remixes of Electric Relaxation (my all-time favourite hip hop song) and Stakes Is High (one of my all-time favourite Dilla beats), you best believe I rushed to hear them.

What’s more, ewonee . played the keys on them which shows growth which he mentioned in the Bandcamp “liner notes”:

Thank you youtube for teaching me how to play some of my favorite rap loops on piano, and thank you for all of you who are listening buying spreading streaming hating… I love you <3

Anyone hating needs their head checked because Bootlegs gives another glimpse into the work of the New York producer. The bounce on the house remixes (including reworks of Proof’s Life and Nas’s The World Is Yours) is infectious and in need of the repeat button.

On the other half of Bootlegs are the classic “rappers over random looped samples that shouldn’t work but they do” beat. You know the ones.

Stream it on Bandcamp.

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