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A History of Sampling (Mix)


Another mix from sheepish.org, this time about the history of sampling.

Sheepish.org, who you may remember after their Afrofuturism mix, have collated 44 tracks of influential tracks that have been sampled in a wide range of genres alongside their sampled versions.

forty-four mp3 music files / two hundred and three minutes / three hundred thirty-one megabytes illustrating the history of sampling.

The usual suspects are involved – The Winston’s “Amen Brother”, Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europa Express” and Lyn Collins’ “Think (About It)” but there are some that don’t readily spring to mind such as Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” sampled on Luomo & Raz Ohara’s “Give It Away”, where Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti used the bassline from the hit Bad single.

You can download it on Sheepish.org. We’d recommend you read the “liner notes” on their website as well.

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