NEW MUSIC: Full Crate - L'Afrique (Feat. Papa Ghana)

Full Crate and Papa Ghana of the Netherlands team up for another banger, showcasing Papa’s Ghanaian roots.

The Netherlands and Ghana aren’t two countries you’d necessarily group together when it comes to music. Individually, they have represented the old and the new(er) in different contexts and that seems to be the basis for this collaboration. Full Crate caught the world’s and our attention with his tracks Nobody Else with Mar and the White Noise Remix ft. MNEK and FS Green.

Papa Ghana, on the other hand, has been working on his debut “The Mandingo EP” in between running Daily Paper, an Amsterdam-based street-couture label. Together, they have created a something for the clubs; an homage to the brief explosion of “funky house” in London and around Europe during the late 00s.

The pumping 4-on-the-floor mixed with Papa Ghana’s minimal murmurings and African drumming are an archetypal blend of raw ethnic elements and stricter, more metered electronic music.

Stream/download it on SoundCloud.

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