Thijsenterprise - Snits

Thijsenterprise returns with ‘Snits’, a punky jazz EP with raw drums, dirty basslines, and spontaneous melodies connect the dots between hip hop, punk, and jazz.

Hip Hop

Thijsenterprise - Smoetsie

The Dutch beat maestro is back with Smoetsie, his third release. (No pun intended!) It’s not been that long since we discovered Thijsenterprise and his sophomore release, Stepbacks & Setbacks. It’s actually been 6 months between that album and his latest offering which is a long time in an age of Bandcamp hip hop. This one …

Hip Hop

Nubbz - Till Sunset

Nubbz from the Netherlands collates all of his remixes into one mini EP called Till Sunset. 2012 was something of a succinct year for Nubbz in terms of his output. Rather than releasing a bunch of mixtapes and albums, he kept it simple by throwing up remixes when he felt the time was right. As …


Moods - Infinite

Moods breaks audible limits with his latest track, Infinite. The title for this track couldn’t be more appropriate. Using some field recordings, Rotterdam’s Moods has created Infinite, a crackling synth groove but what makes the title so apt? According to the man himself, he implemented some new techniques including “lots of sidechaining” which is evident …