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The Strangest Freaks - Check Out The Sound ft. Dudley Perkins

Hip hop duo The Strangest Freaks drop “Check Out The Sound”, the first single from their upcoming debut album “Thrills Galore”.

Remember BINKBEATS? Well, together with his fellow Dutch compatriot PRY, they have formed The Strangest Freaks. With a name like that, you’d expect something far from the over-sanitised slickness of commercial music and you’d be correct; this is light-years away and that’s just what we love. On Check Out The Sound, TSF go all out with the production, adding their own synths, bass, guitar and vibraphone to the main sample.

This comes as no surprise given the incredible work we know BINK has been releasing over the years. Dudley Perkins is in charge of vocal duties for this one and marries the hazy compressed sonics with his eclectic wordplay.

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