VIDEO: BINKBEATS - Beats Unraveled #6: J Dilla Live Mixtape

BINKBEATS returns with the sixth instalment of his Beats Unraveled series, this time with an emphatically produced “J Dilla Live Mixtape”.

Just when you thought this guy couldn’t get any better, he steps his game up for the man that is J Dilla. In the sixth edition of his Beats Unraveled series, BINKBEATS decided to go all out and do a medley of Dilla classics, each one containing his standard mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Real drums, real vocals and real soul, from the drum breaks to the bass lines.

Stream it below and check out #5 if you missed it.

BINKBEATS Beats Unraveled #6: J. Dilla Live Mixtape
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