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ONE TO WATCH: Howie Wonder (aka Rhythum)

Canada’s Howie Wonder aka Rhythum is our One To Watch.

We’ve talked about Detroit and LA holding it down in terms of burgeoning musical talent but Canada isn’t a territory to be sniffed at. With the likes of Tim Wong, Elaquent, ShadKaytranada and many more, you won’t be hard pressed to find brilliance in music from the North American country. Rhythum is another name you can add to that everlasting list and he’s on a similar work ethic to many of his stylistic counterparts with his raw lo-fi, offbeat rhythm and a plethora of samples, classic and obscure.

His Bandcamp discography would put most current signed musicians to shame but this is common for an underground artist like Rhythum and more importantly, the quality isn’t comprised. The initial character and soul in every song sample is retained and merely moulded into something fresh by the Canadian’s fine choice of drums and arrangement. You won’t get bored of this guy’s music at all. Trust me.

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