Written by 10:45 am Hip Hop

Nubbz – Till Sunset


Nubbz from the Netherlands collates all of his remixes into one mini EP called Till Sunset.

2012 was something of a succinct year for Nubbz in terms of his output. Rather than releasing a bunch of mixtapes and albums, he kept it simple by throwing up remixes when he felt the time was right. As we get a little antsy for a full length release, we’ll accept Till Sunset as something to tide us over. The seven-track project serves as a collection of his remixes from last year, which include his phenomenal rework of Childish Gambino’s “Fire Fly” and Danny Brown’s “Grown Up“. Till Sunset is said to have been “inspired by summer, creating a warm and light sound perfect for a summer’s day”. We’ll drink to that.

Stream/download it below.