Written by Luke Alex Davis 9:09 am Hip Hop

Thijsenterprise – Smoetsie

Thijsenterprise - Smoetsie

The Dutch beat maestro is back with Smoetsie, his third release. (No pun intended!)

It’s not been that long since we discovered Thijsenterprise and his sophomore release, Stepbacks & Setbacks. It’s actually been 6 months between that album and his latest offering which is a long time in an age of Bandcamp hip hop.

This one is called Smoetsie (Dutch slang for “smutty) and it’s a concept album about love and lovemaking. It’s a sensual journey through soul and jazz samples; jagged at times, deep in others. It’s fair to say Leon Ware was a heavy influence on Smoetsie, intentional or not. Smoetsie is the perfect sequel album after Stepbacks & Setbacks‘s theme about heartbreak. The love and hope on this album permeates through every track, particularly numbers like Get Your Freak On (Day In Day Out).

Stream it below and *always use protection.

*Use a VPN. Wait, what did you think we meant?