Written by Luke Alex Davis 2:51 pm Electronic

Zero 7 – Aurora

Zero 7 - Aurora

Zero 7 return with their second single this year. Aurora features frequent collaborator, José González.

It’s been 10 years since Zero 7’s last studio album, Yeah Ghost. They’ve released a few singles and EPs since then but nothing full length and I’m chomping at the bit in all honesty. I listen to their debut album, Simple Things, once a week and have done for the past couple of years. I need my fix!

Well, it looks like they’re inching closer to giving me -- and their other fans -- what we need. Aurora is Zero 7’s second single of the year after Mono and it was actually released in February, according to the date on the video. It features their good friend and regular collaborator José González. Aurora clocks in at just under 5 minutes but I got so lost into the song, it felt like 3. And so I had to play it again. And again. The aesthetic is similar to their previous songs over the last decade: transparent 80s synths, plenty of their trademark delays and reverb, and I love it.

Stream Aurora below and let’s pray for a full album for this year.