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VIDEO: Benny Sings – Young Hearts

Woah, Benny!

Benny Sings - Young Hearts (official video)

Stones Throw have announced a new album from Benny Sings with Kenny Beats on production. It’s called Young Hearts and it marks the first time that Dutch musician will be working with one producer for the whole record.

Their collaboration began simply with a DM from the producer, which led to a call between the two. Benny instantly felt at ease. “Kenny is so honest that he’s not scared to brag,” he says. Benny explained that he wanted to make a record that sounded bigger than anything he’d done before. “I can give you that extra slap,” Kenny responded without hesitation.

The video for the title track is above and it shows Benny acting rather strangely after he gets a device shot into his neck. Classic weirdness from Stones Throw.

Young Hearts is out 24th March.

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