Thijsenterprise - Snits

Thijsenterprise - Snits

Thijsenterprise returns with ‘Snits’, a punky jazz EP with raw drums, dirty basslines, and spontaneous melodies connect the dots between hip hop, punk, and jazz.

Thijsenterprise - Snits

After a run of four beat tapes where Thijsenterprise strived for the perfect loop, ‘Snits’ is his first project to showcase talents as a sax player and composer. The new album sees the Dutchman return to his first musical love and the instrument that got him into making music before he started producing.

On ‘Snits’, Thijsenterprise created what he calls ‘headnod punkjazz’, a stylistic bridge between hip hop, punk, jazz, and African music and recorded the EP in a unique way:

  • He extracted elements from recorded shows, soundchecks and raw sessions with his band
  • He then chopped them, stretched them, replayed, overdubbed, and sampled them
  • And, in his words, “he plays around with the idea of what was recorded live in the studio or reused; what was one-take or looped; and what was improvised or written. Or basically: what is reality.”

If you were expecting another lo-fi Bandcamp boom bap album, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as it’s nothing like that. Instead, Thijsenterprise gives you exactly what he said he would: headnod punkjazz. It’s brash, melodic, dissonant, emotive, and jazzy. I’ve thrown 5 adjectives at you and ‘Snits’ throws its style at you too. Be ready to hold your hands out and receive it.

Stream it below.

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