AbJo – The AbJonian Suite

AbJo - The AbJonian Suite

Potholes Music’s AbJo releases a precursor to his upcoming album.

When AbJo isn’t studying or DJing, he’s creating beautiful instrumentals and The AbJonian Suite is no exception. Clocking in at just under 34 minutes, this music is his “bread and butter”: experimental and expansive jazz-infused beats mixed together into a single mix. The cover was designed by Potholes in-house designer Theodore Taylor III and it fits perfectly with the “suite” feel of the album mix. We mentioned that upcoming album earlier: that’s due out in early 2013 and it’ll be called Living in Grandeur. Despite the old addage, if this was the soundtrack to that kind of life, we’d be up for those types of delusions.

Stream and download it below.

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