Languid – Bay.Bey.Dnt.Stp (Bonus)

L▲nguⓘd - Bay.Bey.Dnt.Stp (Bonus)
Neck brace not included

This guy Languid is a problem.  It’s one thing flipping samples. It’s another thing entirely when you flip the sample so hard, you have to consider getting listeners to sign waivers before getting hit with lawsuits for severe cases of whiplash.

If you haven’t heard yet, Languid and SoulStarr teamed up again to bring music heads a sequel to the brilliant beat-tape Relaytionz.  As if the main content of the tape wasn’t enough to induce squeals of delight, both producers decided to drop a bonus trackeachon the tape, just to say thank you for your interest and support.  Bay.Bey.Dnt.Stp is Languid’s bonus offering and… I just… damn, it’s good.  Trust me, you’re going to want this beat tape once this beat is finished with you.   I just want to be perfectly clear before we get started: we here at Sampleface are not responsible for any injuries sustained while rocking out to the dope sauce.  Are we clear?  Good.  Go ahead and press play.  You’re welcome.

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