Written by Luke Alex Davis 8:46 pm Music

Afrofuturism: The New Black (Mix)

Mysterious website Sheepish.org have collated a 17-track Afrofuturism mix.


I’ve had this Afrofuturism mix in my bookmarks folder for a while. Sheepish.org appears to be something of a cultural hub with portals to China and bicycles but there are also some mixtapes, including one dedicated to Afrofuturism.

We touched upon it a few months back with King Britt’s mix, but this one comes with more tracks and some background information on their site. The stalwart musicians are there -- Sun Ra, Parliament and Afrika Bambaataa -- and some you might not have thought of -- Goldie, Tricky, Machine Drum and Burial.

Stream one of the tracks, “Egypt, Egypt” by The Egyptian Lover and click the link after the jump to get to the mix.

The Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt