AFROFUTURISM: Mamman Sani - Taaritt

The epitome of afrofuturism, Mamman Sani’s Taaritt combines ancient Saharan folk ballads with 80s synthesizers and drum machines to take you back to the future.


Lee “Scratch” Perry, Wally Badarou, Sun Ra, Juan Atkins, George Clinton – all names associated with the cultural movement of afrofuturism.

Well, you can now add another unknown talent to that list thanks to this fantastic album. Nigerien musician Mamman Sani Abdoulaye recorded Taaritt for three years in the mid-to-late 80s using a variety of synths, a collection of traditional folk songs combined to breathe new age life into the bygone world of the Sahara.

Described as “sonically lying somewhere between ambient library music and minimal wave”, Taaritt is a window into a past through the eyes of the future and Sani takes you through it without blinking.

Stream it below.

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