THROWBACK THURSDAY: Alfonzo – Action Speaks Louder Than Words


There’s being inspired and there’s a straight up copy. That’s what Alfonzo attempted with Action Speaks Louder Than Words for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

MJ is a common theme for our Throwback Thursdays and we’ve even had an impersonator one week but this really takes the biscuit. Alfonzo (real name Alfonzo Jones) was a South American pop star in the 80s and in 1982, he released his eponymous album. The cover art was a mix of Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall and Thriller and the tracks showcased Alfonzo’s ability to mimic the King Of Pop’s trademark vocal sound – including those famous “hoo’s”. An interesting credit on the album was Atlantic Starr on the horns. We presume it was the whole group playing the horn sections but that’s still a big inclusion to an obscure 80s soul/funk album. In fact, he even managed to work with Michael at one point according to his website.

But anyway, stream it below and see what you think.

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