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Andrew Huang’s 10 Uncommon Production Techniques

Need some unorthodox inspiration? Try Andrew Huang’s 10 unqique production techniques and watch how he does them.

andrew huang

If you’re not familiar with Andrew Huang, he’s a Toronto-based musician and producer with a “penchant for working within absurd, self-imposed limitations”, a quirky sense of humour and a very entertaining YouTube channel. In one of his latest Ableton tutorial videos, Andrew showcased 10 uncommon production techniques that he uses in his own music including:

  • Modulation stacks
  • Quantization melodics
  • One-shot sends
  • Using spatial effects
  • Quantization of “random” audio
  • Drums as triggers

Andrew was also part of Ableton’s #LoopAtHome, the software company’s “Loop Music-Making Weekend” in April. The event involved three producers sharing their inspiration to get people started in music and have discussions sharing everyone’s music-making processes.

You can stream both Andrew’s 10 uncommon production techniques and his #LoopAtHome session below.

10 Uncommon Music Production Techniques
#LoopAtHome | Live with Andrew Huang