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Shop ‘n’ Chop: How to Sample Vinyl in Ableton Live

Point Blank’s Ski Oakenfull shows you how to create a track from scratch using vinyl samples in this special guest post. Point Blank’s Lead Course Developer Ski Oakenfull knows Ableton Live like the back of his hand – and he’s also an avid record collector and all round music nerd to boot. In Shop ‘n’ …


Interview: Scott Xylo

Ashton James Brown caught up with intrepid beatsmith Scott Xylo and discussed his love of all things animated, his ideal music tech purchases and his latest project “2003 // HeERO Scott”.


Sampleface Question Time: What DAW Should A Beginner Use?

Sampleface Question Time is a new feature where we answer questions you ask us. Our first question is about DAWs for the novice electronic music producer. Sampleface Question Time is a feature where you ask us questions and we answer them. Simple. Although it initially started out as an extension of our account, we …