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Goldie in conversation at Loop 2017

Goldie DJing

The British musician had an interesting conversation with Frances Morgan that’s worth your time.

In case you forgot, Goldie is a legend and that shone through in his conversation at Ableton’s Loop event in 2017:

Widely known as a pioneering figure in London’s burgeoning 1990’s jungle, drum and bass, and breakbeat hardcore scenes, Goldie has played a pivotal role in the evolution of a British underground sound and its transcendence into a worldwide movement. In a conversation recorded at Loop, 2017, Goldie discusses the narratives, personal histories, and aesthetic concerns that have shaped his work throughout the years.

One of the many amazing things I learnt from this interview was the fact that Goldie has synesthesia, a neurological condition where the person who has it can see colours when they hear music or see numbers or letters.

Stream it below.

Goldie in conversation | Loop

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