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Discogs’ guide covers the essential songs and artists and the history of disco.

You can’t spell Discogs without the word disco so they’re the perfect site to write a guide on disco music.

The genre is about four-on-the-floor, hi-hats, percussion, bass lines, and extended dance grooves. Lyrically, Disco can be about love, heartbreak, kung fu, or that mad Russian mythic Rasputin. Disco tracks can be extended and mixed into a seamless continuum in clubs across the world.

They start with a brief history, then delve into some disco essentials: albums and artists, before looking at disco’s influences and some rarities.

The rivers of electro, rap, hip-hop, Hi-NRG, house, techno, acid house, and trance all had the disco spring as their source. Artists like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and more recently The Scissor Sisters, Daft Punk, and Lady Gaga, all scored hits that are basically updated or retro-fitted disco records that spawned the nu-disco genre.

Further resources

Of course, despite the title, this isn’t everything you need to know about disco. So after listening to some or all of the referenced musicians, you should continue your research. Here are some more resources to look at:

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