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The racist history of music theory

Screw Heinrich Schenker, Ben Shapiro, and his music theorist dad.

Ever since Adam Neely uploaded this video to his channel, I’ve been meaning to write about it. Better late than never I guess.

Music Theory and White Supremacy addressed the racism found in 18th century European classical music theory and the work of Heinrich Schenker who I discussed in the article about music theorist Philip Ewell. Of course, that meant Ewell also featured in this video to address that racist fiasco.

It’s around 45 minutes long but worth every minute to see how remarkably and inherently racist music theory is.

Stream it below.

Music Theory and White Supremacy

See also: Joseph Boulogne, the Black polymath musician, Miles Davis getting beaten and arrested in 1959, and the worst jazz solo of all time.

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