THROWBACK THURSDAY: Khruangbin in conversation at Loop 2018

Khruangbin in conversation at Loop 2018

The Texan band sat down with Ed Williams at Loop 2018 and talked about their origins and how they make their music.

I’m back on my Khruangbin train (but, to be honest, when did I ever leave?)

In a conversation from Loop 2018, Khruangbin talked about where their signature fusion sound came from and how they arrange and develop their music using rules and limitations. If you saw them perform back in 2011, you’ll have heard their sonic progression up to now and that comes down to a lot of refinement, added ingredients, reductions, and tightening up their arrangements.

A lot of that is down to their individual qualities and the way they come together as a band. Mark provides a lot of the melodies and his eclectic tastes and styles; Laura enriches their music with beautiful bass lines (her performances on Mordechai have been arguably the best of the year) and her outfits are sublime on the stage; and DJ on the drums like quartz watch—rumour has it he tells atomic clocks when to tick.

Music lovers will want to watch this.

Stream it below.

Khruangbin in conversation | Loop
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