VIDEO: Khruangbin's Musical Influences

Khruangbin blends music from around the world to make their signature sound. Watch them discuss their influences with Reverb.

Is there a more eclectic band than Khruangbin right now? “World music” is a washed term but it makes sense with the Texan three-piece and not in a pretentious way.

The trio sat down with Reverb to discuss their musical influences and process as well as performing August 10 to close it out.

I start with drums. So DJ has sent me a big bank of drum loops. I have a new set now to work with and I just play. I put them on a loop and play over them when I send it to Mark, and Mark chops up and picks the pieces that he likes puts it together and then plays over it. Yeah, it’s not a bad game. It’s like a, you know, relay race writing but it’s nice because we all have a chance to work on our parts sort of individually and then when it’s time to record we all come together and sit together and play them.

Laura Lee

Stream it below and if you haven’t already, listen to their latest album, ‘Mordechai’. And watch their Pitchfork Live performance because it’s the best.

Khruangbin Plays Through Their Global Music Influences |
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