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How Charlie Parker Changed Jazz Forever

Charlie Parker

Arthur “LA” Buckner chronicles the life and influences of Charlie Parker on jazz and music history.

Charlie Parker

LA Buckner interviewed jazz saxophonist Bobby Watson and sound archive director Chuck Haddix to showcase the style of iconic bebop musician Charlie Parker. He traced his influences on bebop, jazz and the rest of the musical world through four cities: New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City, and New York.

Charlie Parker, also known as bird, is a legendary jazz musician who has influenced many of today’s genres and helped develop the genre bebop. Bebop is a subgenre of jazz that is recognized as being difficult to dance to, but Bird said he didn’t care if people danced to his music, because he was an artist.

About Sound Field

The video was part of Sound Field, a music education series that explores the production, music theory, and history behind famous songs and musical styles. Hosted by Arthur “LA” Buckner and Nahre Sol, each episode is a mix of theory and performance.

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The Genius of Charlie Parker
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