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RAC – 56k


Relive the days of dial up with RAC’s modem-sampling track, 56k.

The sound of the dialling phone, the beeping and whirring of the modem, having to cover it so your parents didn’t know you were on the internet so late – that was the life of 56k dialup internet back in the 90s and early 00s. But then broadband entered the stage with its silent hubs and super fast connections that just keep on gaining speed. But fear not, nostalgia addicts, as Portland producer RAC has rekindled the love for the famous dialup sound effect. Using just the one 56k sample, he has managed to compose a full dream pop-type track.

I wanted to share the actual session file so you can look a little deeper if you’re so inclined. You’ll need Ableton 9 Suite (or at least Live 9 + Sampler). I’m using UAD reverbs, so you’ll have to re-create those on your own.

RAC explains the track in more technical detail on his Soundcloud page, including links to the original sound, the Ableton session and a screenshot of the whole thing.

Stream 56k below, probably using your broadband.

(via Prefix)