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Quasimoto - Further Instrumentals

Just before you get yourself ready for Yessir Whatever, Stones Throw have decided to re-release the instrumentals for Quasimoto’s Further Adventures of Lord Quas on double LP.

The Unseen is a hip hop classic (in our eyes at least) and its sequel, Further Adventures of Lord Quas, extended the psilocybin mushroom fantasies that inspired the debut. So, before Quasimoto’s Yessir Whatever drops on 18th, Stones Throw have collected all of Madlib’s beats for Further Adventures and put them back onto a double LP with a new sleeve.

Designed by Jeff Jank once again, the cover shows the Bad Character watching some buildings in Lost Gates burn down, with a view of Dilla’s Donut shop and his own cadillac. I wonder who started the fire…

Stream “Greenery Instrumental” below.

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