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Javis FauX – Deal With It Vol. 3


Potholes’ Javis FauX drops Deal With It Vol. 3 on Bandcamp. We gave it a listen.

The third volume of Javis FauX’s Deal With It series is finally here and ready for streaming on Potholes Music’s Bandcamp. The eight-track EP comprises of some of the most diverse tracks you could ask for on a free release. The opener, No Big Deal, might well be a misnomer with its trap music sensibilities mixed in with what could easily be part of a futuristic robot space movie soundtrack. Prosper pursues that game soundtrack feel with an elaborate rhythm section while Mint Julep has a sleepy Studio Ghibli aura about it, extended by a slowly swelling string section. The term “experimental” has had the life beaten out of it by musicians who haven’t experimented at all. Javis FauX has, and with incredible results. The thought gone into tracks like Mint Julep and Don’t Play With Synthesizers, an homage to the soundscapes of Flying Lotus and the Brainfeeder family, is clearly evident. And this shit is free (but you can “name your price” and we truly believe whatever you pay is worth every penny).

Stream/download it below. Now.