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SATURDAY MATINÉE: Questlove At Red Bull Music Academy NYC 2013


The Roots’ Questlove returns to the Red Bull Music Academy for another lecture where he talks about D’Angelo’s upcoming album, Dilla changing the way he played the drums and his way of sampling.

Questlove’s last appearance at the Red Bull Music Academy was back in 2005, when he attended the Seattle event. Often seen as the Quincy Jones of the modern generation, the Root’s drummer and NYU professor sat down with egotripland’s Chairman Mao to discuss that elusive D’Angelo album and why it still sounds so fresh despite the massive gap since Voodoo. There was also talk of how both D’Angelo and Dilla changed his drumming perspective with their “sloppy” approach to playing and Questlove’s story behind Dilla’s beat for Little Brother, our Song for Sunday last week. You will get goosebumps at the story, trust me.

Stream it below.