BBC Radio 4: The Art Of The Loop

BBC Radio 4’s The Art Of The Loop, presented by Matthew Herbert, essential listening for all you Sampleface readers.

I was really surprised when my Dad of all people found this, so thank him! In his own words, “I’m not even into your scene and don’t know anything about making beats, but I found this very interesting so I’m sure you will”.

In The Art Of The Loop, Matthew Herbert discusses the role of the “loop”, how it came to be and how loops are used in a modern context. This is especially inspiring considering most pop records are still very much sampled, though in certain circles its still frowned upon but not in hip hop circles, where the loop is happily embraced. Herbert also touches on some techniques that loops can achieved.

Most importantly, he shows the loop’s elegant and artistic beauty and its many uses. It’s an intellectually engaging audio documentary and a great listen.

Stream BBC Radio 4’s “The Art Of The Loop” on the BBC website.

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