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NEW MUSIC: Starchild - "Corona Coyote"

Starchildlkuke aka Simbrula Nox aka our editor-in-chief has blessed us with a new celestial embodiment called “Corona Coyote”.

Corona Coyote - Starchildluke

Yes, our editor in chief Starchild has returned with a brand new project called “Corona Coyote”, inspired by the music of Brazil and smooth grooves. While looking at the grey skies this afternoon, the tape gave me some much needed sunshine and in signature Starchild style, the first track Bem-vindo Ao Brazil sets the Cuba-Libre sipping tone for the entire album. God Bless Sergio Mendes moves into “that head nod sh*t”, with its delicate sample that makes you want to work on your tan in the Brazilian sun. The groove on Samba Dance was previously on his debut album Addicted and I’ve loved it ever since though my favourite track overall is the Dilla-esque Made in Brazil (that bass groove is INSANE!). Ivana Tinkle takes me back to my youth, listening to 2pac on a 10 second anti-shock portable cd player. It’s almost like a 2014 Brazilian “Picture me rollin”. To put it simply, you NEED this project in your life.

Stream/download it below and make sure you have some Havana Club Especial ready to sip on.

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