Billie Jean Played On Nothing But A Spring Door Stopper

I can’t believe this is a thing but Beeble played Billie Jean using a spring door stopper for every instrument.

Billie Jean is my favourite song of all time. So when I saw that someone had reimagined the song with a spring door stopper, I had to check it out. And I was pleasantly surprised.

The creator of this is Beeble, a YouTuber who makes music from unorthodox sources and unique versions of existing songs including a Christmas version of Chop Suey. To remake Billie Jean, Beeble took a sample of a spring door stopper and resampled it.

Adding Michael Jackson’s acapella on the top was the perfect finish (I’m used to these things being instrumentals). The good news is you can download the full song, the instrumentals, and the samples to try out yourself. No need to crate dig for that perfect door stopper sample.

Download the original and instrumental MP3

Download the sample pack

Billie Jean But Every Instrument Is A Spring Door Stopper
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