Black Bandcamp is a list of Black artists on Bandcamp

Enjoy Black music on Bandcamp from a crowd-sourced list.

black bandcamp

While you’re enjoying Black History Month (in the US), why not some of the Black artists on Bandcamp some love.

Black Bandcamp is a crowd-sourced list of Black artists on Bandcamp.

This site aims to provide an easy way to filter and sort the 2000+ Black Producers / Artists / Labels for Bandcamp Day spreadsheet. The goal of the sheet is to support Black artists, producers and labels through their Bandcamp links.

The data is a work-in-progress (non-exhaustive) and administered by a group of volunteers.

I found out about this as someone submitted me to it and that’s a great honour.

See also: The Black music history library and what 6 people said about Black music for Black History Month (UK)

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